Don’t Quit Ventures

Don’t Quit Ventures

DQV - Your Idea Straight To Money!

Tired of being ghosted? 👻  

Tired of da “ Warm Intro “ to VCs? 📨

Tired of endless meetings only to get ditched without feedback? 😥 

Tired of rejections aimed at your ethnicity, sexuality, or past convictions? 🤦🏾‍♀️ 

Tired of just being a founder amongst many in a gigantic portfolio? 😤

Tired of being messed around with a dirty terms sheet? 📑

Tired of being “Tokenized” ? We back ideas not skin colors. ❌

DQV - Got You! 💪🏽

Based on founder Noa Khamallah’s story, Don’t Quit Ventures Fund 1 is born. 🥇

Committed to progress. We choose righteousness over popularity. Period. ✊🏼

Committed to decency. Reply to everyone in 2 weeks. No ghosting. 📆

Committed to respect. We provide feedback. Always. 👨🏽‍💻

Committed to uniqueness. Differences unite us. Together we stand. 👊🏼

Committed to boutique treat. You ain’t a number. Promise. 🤝

Committed to no bullshit. Straight to the point. That’s law. ⚖️

Committed to support, for real. WhatsApp is our ally. 📞

DQV - Makes It Straight! ✋🏼

Send your seed/pre-seed deck in seconds. ⏱️

Sweet spot not higher than $10M valuation. 📈

Checks between $50k up to $250k. 💰

Sector agnostic, happy to widen the thesis. 👀

We love Emerging Markets & Eastern Europe. 🌍

If we like your deck, we reach out directly. ☎️

Solo GP allows fast decision, fast investments. 🤑

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